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About Marworth


Our History
Marworth served from 1931 to 1981 as the family estate for three generations of the Scranton family. The estate name is derived from the first names of Margery and Worthington Scranton, parents of former Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton.

Mission & Vision
To improve the physical, spiritual and emotional health of the alcoholic and chemically dependent person and his or her family through an integrated system of addiction medicine, nursing and counseling services based on a balanced program of patient care, education and performance measurement.

To be the alcohol and chemical dependency health care provider of choice.

Excellence: We strive for the best, continuously improving quality in all our activities

Service Orientation: Our physicians and staff use their skills, creativity, energy, and loyalty as resources for effective and quality services in every community and each setting in which we serve.

Individual Dignity: We provide humane, compassionate and expert care, always emphasizing the dignity of the individual.

Teamwork: We take pride in recognizing and empowering good people who demonstrate the importance and value of teamwork.

Physician Leadership: We are physician-led, across our entire organization and within the many communities we serve.

Diversity: Diversity among physicians, staff, students, and volunteers promotes an environment of mutual support and respect.

Education: We believe in the intellectual and professional pursuit of new knowledge, and its dissemination to colleagues, students and the public at large, as an instrument of our health system that adds value to all of our customers.

Fiscal Responsibility: We exercise prudent use of all resources as part of our stewardship responsibility for fiscal and organizational success.

Tradition: We take pride in our history, for it is the foundation of our future and our long-standing commitment to your health.

Accreditation & Licensure
Marworth is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations.

Focus on Recovery
At Marworth, you or your loved one will be treated as an individual with a unique history, lifestyle, and values. Alcohol and chemical dependency knows no boundaries … occupational, social, and educational. The common thread we see in almost all of the people we treat is the suffering and impact on the individual and the family.

Our course of treatment is personalized and compassionate, yet firmly rooted in the 12-Step Program for recovery. We follow a structured and intense clinical program that uses a variety of therapeutic techniques. We also realize the importance of the family, and involve those closest to you every step of the way.