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For substance abuse help, call us at 800-442-7722.
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About Marworth

A national leader in alcohol & chemical dependency rehabilitation

Anyone can become addicted - young or old, man or woman, rich or poor. Race, religion, politics, social standing, education or occupation make no difference. At Geisinger Marworth, we recognize that chemical dependency is a primary and progressive illness. Marworth offers a safe, secure and supportive environment to break the cycle of addiction, as well as maintain life-long sobriety. This provides the proper setting in which to begin the healing process, away from the complications, pressure and temptations of prior circumstances.

At Marworth, we recognize the need to the whole person, not only the symptoms of addiction. To this end, we incorporate multiple types of treatment and therapy to meet the needs of each of our patients. Our skilled staff offers evidenced-based practices with recovery support groups so patients receive a full spectrum of interventions to improve the chances of overcoming habitual behaviors and forging positive steps toward optimal health. We also include families in our treatment program as addiction negatively affects families. At Marworth, family therapy conducted by an experienced family therapist is part of each person's substance abuse rehabilitation program.

Evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based treatments used at Marworth are interventions founded on sound, scientific evidence. The evidence has shown, in a systematic way, that these therapies are successful. The different types of evidence-based treatment modalities incorporated into the care offered at Marworth include:

Marworth’s personalized treatment

Marworth counselors develop an extensive, individualized treatment plan for every patient. It defines course or treatment, duration of treatment, therapy modality, therapy environment, and specialized interventions. Progress on each intervention is documented, reviewed with our treatment team and course is adjusted as needed. Discharge criteria are defined for each patient at admission. The patient reviews this treatment plan daily with his or her peers and primary counselor to fully understand the course of treatment and progress on each. As discharge approaches, the patient fully understands the reason for his or her treatment completion and the recommendations for next level of care. Although chronic, the disease of addiction is treatable and can be held in continuous remission. Alcohol and drug addiction knows no boundaries...occupational, social and educational. The common thread we see in almost all of the people we treat is the suffering and impact on the individual and the family. Marworth also offers specialized programs of rehab for healthcare professionals, uniformed professionals and those with a dual-diagnosis mental illness.

Accreditation & licensure

Accreditations often involve thorough on-site reviews that enable us to provide the highest quality care possible. Our accreditations show that we are guided by internationally recognized best practices that improve the quality of our program.

Marworth is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs license and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. 

Marworth has been named one of seven treatment programs in the United States to receive the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s ASAM Level of Care Certification, in partnership with CARF International. CARF designation is awarded to rehabilitation facilities who have met the highest of recovery standards.

Patients at Marworth are evaluated in accordance with guidelines and protocols established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5) of the American Psychiatric Association.


Call Marworth at 800-442-7722 to speak with an admissions counselor. You can enroll in a substance use recovery program yourself or refer someone else for treatment. Many people are referred to Marworth by a family member, family doctor, therapist, employer, employee assistance program, insurance provider, clergy, community organization or another drug and alcohol center.

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