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Dual-diagnosis addiction treatment services

Marworth offers dual-diagnosis services for individuals with certain co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders. Under the leadership of psychiatric and addiction medicine experts, these specialized services address the unique needs of adult patients who are alcohol or chemically dependent and also have diagnosed psychiatric conditions.

Enhanced services
In addition to recovery support groups, we offer the following customized dual-diagnosis components:

  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Trauma & PTSD support groups
  • Specialized educations programs
  • Overcoming barriers to recovery
  • Building self-trust
  • Building trust in others 

You are not alone
Research shows that there is a high prevalence of substance abuse in those with mental illness, and similarly there is a high prevalence of mental illness in individuals with the disease of addiction. Marworth can help. Marworth's enhanced services for dual-diagnosis patients builds the framework for individuals to more clearly address mental health concerns while maintaining sobriety.

Call Marworth at 800-442-7722 or email to speak with an admissions counselor. You can enroll in an addiction rehab program yourself or refer someone else for treatment. Many individuals are referred to Marworth by a family member, family doctor, therapist, employer, employee assistance program, insurance provider, clergy, community organization, or another drug and alcohol rehab center.